Blue Tech Conference

ABR Invited to present at the Blue Tech Conference, San Francisco, USA in May 2012.

Each year Blue Tech arranges a conference to discuss environmental challenges in the arena of water technology. ABR process development was invited to present on its sorbent powder applications and other break-through technologies able to clean-up toxin process streams from mines, manufacturing industries and waste sites.

Adam Blunn, ABR's CEO, presented to a range of organisations including international groups and start-up companies. Of particular interest were the sorbent powders: white represents a lower cost alternative to the competition with greater capabilities (removing metals such as zinc, chrome, nickel aluminium, etc. down to ppm). The black powder complements these capabilities with specific applications such as the removal of selenium. Follow up sessions examined other applications such as cleaning up pregnant liquor solutions from mines and CSM water as well as spent pickle liquor from steel mills and galvanising plants using electro-dialysis and other techniques. Applications include regenerating acids and alkalis, removing and recovering metals and producing clean water.

ABR is following up with a range of clients; developing new and exciting programs designed to reduce environmental risk and provide significant financial returns.