Welcome to ABR Process Development

ABR Process Development is an internationally recognised process and technology development company. We specialise in identifying, improving and commercialising, viable and innovative industrial processes.

Our patented technology adds value to chemical processes associated with purification, recycling, regeneration and metals recovery. We develop scalable, economic and sustainable solutions, tailored to individual client requirements. Our target is to leverage technologies that deliver zero-waste and nil-pollution.

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By application of the patented state-of-the-art processes, ABR provides innovative solutions to the challenges commonly associated with costly clean-up or removal of undesired chemicals. Our process technology provides economic incentives, by regenerating acids, alkalis and by extraction of valuable metals and salts from toxic solutions. Our domestic and international markets are associated with environmental protection and remediation, coupled with the application of economic and effective processes in the manufacturing and mining arenas. ABR Process Development has the expertise to provide solutions to industry challenges. The return benefits are in value terms considerably greater than any additional costs.


 - Removal of toxic metals from pregnant leach solutions (PLS)
 - Recovery of valuable metals from PLS
 - Regeneration of acids from PLS

 Steel Mills and Galvanizers:
- Removal of iron, zinc and trace metals from spent pickle liquor
 - Regeneration of acids from spent pickle liquor

Municipal Sites:
 - Treatment of leachate pursuant to EPA standards

Coal Seam Methane Brine:
 - Substantial reduction of toxic ponds
 - Regeneration of acids and alkalis

Chemical Process:
 - Removal of harmful metals and salts that compromise production efficiency
 - Recovery of metals to reduce waste disposal costs

Power Stations:
 - Removal of toxic metals from waste streams

Drinking Water:
 - Removal of toxic substances such as arsenic and selenium in order to make water potable

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